Your initial consultation is free whether your case is an infraction (traffic ticket) or a misdemeanor. If retained, our fee varies depending on your legal case. Our goal is to get you the best result for your case using our legal expertise. We have fought over thousands of cases and know what it takes to achieve a favorable result.

Minor Traffic Infraction Tickets in San Diego

  • Non-Point Violations: $50
  • One-Point Violations: $99
  • Two-Point Violations: $299

Visit to determine how many points your violation carries.

Minor Traffic Infraction Tickets outside of San Diego

Representation starts at $199 and may include having to post bail. Please call us for more information.

Misdemeanor Representation in San Diego

Starts at $299. Each individual case varies pricing, however we provide top quality representation at an affordable price.

Misdemeanors Representation outside of San Diego

Starts at $599 and may include additional costs based on appearances. Please call us for more information.