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The Original Mr. Ticket. Specializing in traffic ticket defense through out San Diego County. Traffic Ticket Representation in Kearny Mesa Court, Vista Court, El Cajon Court, and Chula Vista Court. We are experienced San Diego Traffic Ticket Attorneys and Traffic Ticket Lawyers providing each case with personalized attention and aggressive representation at an affordable rate and have been achieving exceptional results for over 28 years.



Ticket Defense starts at $99 and Misdemeanor Representation starts at $299


Get Your Ticket Dismissed

Regardless of how unimportant your ticket may appear, it’s essential to have an experienced traffic attorney review your case. Whether we can assist you or not in this matter, we will advise you of the best action to take in handling your ticket. Throughout California we handle speeding tickets, DUI, driving while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license, driving with no insurance, failure to appear, misdemeanor violations, red light tickets, hit and run, reckless driving, overweight tickets, drug possession, DMV hearings, log book violations and any other moving violations.


MrTicket-home-green-deskWhy You Should Contact Us

Mr. Ticket will review your ticket and determine if hiring an attorney is your best option. Any traffic ticket is worth making an appointment for; What do you have to lose? Our licensed traffic attorney will discuss possible actions to take and how it would influence your DMV record. As you know, we are extremely dependent on our driving advantages and you don’t want to risk affecting your driving record over a traffic ticket.


How We Do It

At Mr. Ticket we know how to proceed to ensure you get your traffic citation dismissed. With our success rate, most of our cases we fight we are able to get your ticket fully dismissed. But in the few situations where we are unable to get your ticket fully dismissed, we then will use our influences with the court to reduce your ticket to a non-moving violation that doesn’t carry any points, reduce the fine amount or get traffic school. This will keep your insurance from increasing and keep your driving record clear.

Located in Beautiful San Diego

As a professional law firm we specialize in helping California drivers that face legal charges and court hardships due to a traffic violation. Our expert staff is devoted to-do everything to making your case as easy and inconvenience free for you as possible. We make certain that every case goes through the proper process to get the very best outcome for every client. We fight to protect driver licenses for Class A/B drivers and Class C/M drivers from traffic violations. We have experience in defending traffic tickets for both commercial and non-commercial drivers.



Mr. Ticket & Staff are still available at this time for phone consultation and assistance to those who have a traffic ticket or misdemeanor.

San Diego Superior Courts have canceled all scheduled hearings until 04/30/20 (this may extend to June 1) due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, if you have a traffic ticket, court closure does not invalidate or otherwise cancel your ticket. Currently, there is no ticket forgiveness program due to the coronavirus outbreak. Once court resumes you will be responsible to appear and handle your matter. In order to avoid long lines and public interaction, we are happy to assist and be present for you.

If you are having financial difficulty, our Attorney's can work to have your ticket dismissed, reduced or delayed to a time when you are better able to afford the fine.

If you have a failure to appear, Mr. Mehdy and Staff can have the courts clear the DMV hold and prevent your license from being suspended or get your license reinstated.